99.999%+ Pure Silver – PRACTITIONER STRENGTH 100 PPM

Medicines From Nature Colloidal Silver is high strength and has an ultra-fine particle size. A high particle count of 100 parts per million combined with ultra-fine particle size for effective action. This high quality Colloidal Silver has been made using pristine lab-grade water, Ultra pure silver and is processed avoiding magnetic fields, metal implements, non PET plastics and environmental contaminants. Our water is some of the purest on the planet after being progressively purified to exclude even the tiniest microscopic contaminants. As Colloidal Silver is affected by magnetic fields, for optimum quality it must be processed by hand avoiding machinery, electric motors and metal implements. This old fashioned process is very labour intensive, but creates a high quality, effective product.


99.999%+ Pure Silver

High Strength

Ultra-Fine Particle Size

10 Stage Laboratory Water Filtration

Packed Exclusively by Hand 


De-ionized water, Silver (Ag) 100ppm (100mg/Lt) PRACTITIONER STRENGTH