This is a must read book for everyone interested in their health and for all medical and health professionals. This book will change how you look at medicine, not just cholesterol lowering drugs. The risks and side effects associated with these drugs far outweigh the incredibly small, if any, benefit they promote. Unfortunately, the trillion dollar drug industry has taken the reins of the health industry for the sake of profit. We have been lied to and deceived, our health put at risk and our power taken from us all for the sake of profit.


This book explains the science behind cholesterol, the drugs they use to lower cholesterol and how the research, doctors, politicians and even public advocacy groups have all been fooled by the PR spin and the big money of the drug companies. It shows that cholesterol is not the problem, where we have gone wrong and what you can really do to cut down your risk of heart attack and stroke. There is no magical one-pill cure. Real health does not come from a pill – it comes from the changes you are willing to make in your life.


This book provides a thorough, clear and concise explanation of the real problem we face. It is not a heart attack or stroke, the real problem is the modern pharmaceutical industry. For many, these drugs are the beginning of a viscous cycle of drug dependency. If you’re sick of being sick and sick of taking drugs, this is the book you need to arm yourself with to change that.