The Art of Probiotic Nutrition; Mastering Fermented Foods for Better Digestion, Weight Control, Immunity & Longevity is my complete fermented food bible and includes chapters on Kombucha, Kefir & Cultured Vegetables. In a beautifully designed and photographed spread we give readers absolute confidence in their fermented creations!

The Art of Probiotic Nutrition Recipe Book is designed to give you the know-how & confidence to create all manner of fermented foods for you and the family!

From kombucha, kefir & nut-cheese to kimchi, Sri-Lankan curry ferments and cashew aioli, this book is filled with delicious, healthy probiotic-filled recipes.

Throughout the book, I give readers insights into the latest scientific research into the Microbiome and how this can impact the health of all of us!

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According to prominent research the state of one’s microbiome can have a huge impact on overall health, including the prevention and management of diseases like depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, dementia, gastro-intestinal diseases, arthritis and even cancer.

In this stunningly designed recipe book, you’ll feel empowered and confident in creating natural, powerful, therapeutic foods within your own kitchen for the whole family to enjoy!

What People Have to Say About The Art of Probiotic Nutrition

“Fermenting food is an ancient tradition from our ancestors that has somehow been lost in modern-day society. Thus, it shouldn’t be surprising that with the loss of this focus on keeping the gut microbiome happy for talk of calories, fat, and carbs has come a huge decline in health with chronic diseases running more rampant than they ever have. But all is not lost thanks to the dedicated work of Kale Brock in The Art of Probiotic Nutrition. This book arms you not just with information about why fermentation is so incredibly healthy, but it also provides some much-needed recipes to get you over your fear of doing this in earnest. We all need to be adding in more kombucha, kefir, fermented vegetables, and more to our diet to keep those little critters in our bodies happy to ward off disease and become optimally healthy. Who doesn’t want that?” Jimmy Moore – Best-Selling Author and Ketogenic Diet Ambassador

“Fermented foods and a healthy gut are fun and easy with this book and Kale’s help!”

Dr Brett Hill – Chiropractor & Co-Host/Creator of The Wellness Guys

“Through their support for healthy digestion, fermented foods are powerful for creating optimal health.  In the Art of Probiotic Nutrition, Kale shows how simple and enjoyable the process for making your own delicious and nutritious fermented food creations can be!”

Kasey Willson – Naturopath & Women’s Health Expert