After Our Australian grown hemp seed oil 500mL is pure and unrefined. The hemp seed is harvested from our South Australian crops. First cold pressed hemp seed oil has a clear light green color and a nutty flavor.

Hemp oil is full of goodness and tastes great with naturally high essential fatty acids.

Our hemp foods contain no THC or CBD and are safe to eat for people of all ages.

Local farmers grow our premium quality hemp foods in the Tatiara district close to our processing facility. After harvest we dry, grade and sort the seed. Then we either cold press it into hemp seed oil, or de-hull it into hemp hearts. We can trace each and every packet and bottle we fill back to the paddock. We guarantee the quality and freshness of our hemp foods.

Enjoy the remarkable health benefits of eating hemp everyday. Be a part of the growing movement towards greater agricultural sustainability and reducing atmospheric carbon.

How to use Hemp Seed Oil 500mL:

Add a rich nutty taste to your salad dressings, marinades, smoothies, protein shakes, dips & sauces.