Uplift Foods Daily Uplifter

Good digestion plays a very important part in our lives. Not just in our bodies but in the way we feel as bad digestion can often leave us with a painful, bloated or uncomfortable stomach feeling. Bad digestion can also affect your mood and energy levels, leaving you to seek treatment through unnatural medicines.

Uplift Foods are founded in Australia by a leading gut health Accredited Practising Dietitian – Kara Landau, who strongly believes the beneficial importance of looking after your gut.

Kara founded this company and released her first product the Daily Uplifter which helps to improve your gut.

Its plant based focused with no GMO or sweeteners, instead packed with vitamins and minerals, including pre-biotics and pro-biotics.

This Daily Uplifter is vanilla flavoured and can be added to your healthy snacks or breakfast. Simply add into your smoothie, warm bowl of oats, homemade bliss ball mixture or into your healthy pancakes.

With just one serve of the Daily Uplifter you are filling your gut with wholesome benefits leaving you feeling energised, with improved digestion, reduced bloating and reduced hunger.

If you feel you need to nourish your gut, support a positive mood or would just like to try something new the Daily Uplifter is for you!