I first started my business in 2008 from my parent’s garage after completing my studies in Adelaide.

IN 2 HEALTH is located in Bordertown South Australia, between Adelaide and Melbourne on the Dukes Highway.

I founded my business out of personal frustration for the lack of natural health alternatives available. The mainstream medical system had let me down time and time again through out my own health journey.

After my own experiences, I wanted to ensure I could educate others that there ARE alternatives to turn to when you are searching for answers.

Natural health is much more accessible now and is widely accepted but we still have a long way to go!

The slogan for my business is “nourish move’

I chose this because those two words really do sum up what I am trying to accomplish through my business. Educating people how to nourish their bodies and helping them to move their bodies.


A Health Shop, Gym, Online shop & Health coaching.

IN 2 HEALTH is passionate about helping you on your own health journey as well as your families.

Education is a big part of my business, spreading the word of natural health and how much it can benefit your life and well being.

Sourcing sustainable products and supporting Australian products have become a passion of mine throughout the years.  I look forward to continuing to grow my own range of Australian and Sustainable products in the future.

It’s important that everyone, including businesses do their bit towards making this planet a better place and to support our local Aussie businesses.


Our health shop is unlike any other that you have been it. Its rustic and original. The bulk food bins are handmade made by our founder Kerrie and her talented grandfather. The health shop is where Kerrie’s true passion lies.

We offer over one thousand different health and eco-friendly products in store.

We are a one stop shop! We cater to the upmost healthy shoppers,  to the shoppers that love a naughty treat. (don’t we all tho)

The health shop has many options for dinner, lunch, breakfast and snacks! We stock ingredients for baking, plus beverages that include juice, kombucha and more.

In store we have a huge range of different vitamins and supplements, along with protein and workout powders.

Our makeup and beauty range is vast and loved by all who try our products. Come in store and you can try before you buy! We even have skin care testers so you can feel how lovely they are on your skin.

We stock a huge variety of Eco cleaning products. You can feel proud to use them and know you are not damaging the environment, plus they even clean better than the nasty stuff!

Our shop has a large range of cutlery to straws to bags, we know the importance of improving the environment and reducing plastic.

Do you need a little 3pm pick me up, or something to take to your next gathering? We have you covered with our on the go snack corner. Full of bliss balls, clean bars, protein bars and loads of different chocolate to meet your needs. Our snack corner isn’t the only place to get a grab a snack.

Our bulk bins have a variety of different healthy nibbles and special treats ready for you to scoop. Along with cooking ingredients such as our dairy free chocolate chips and gluten free flour, there are plenty of other options also available!


We offer a state of the art gym for our community to use.

Your health is important to us.  We really are in 2 your health!

When joining our gym and becoming a gym member, you don’t just “join a gym” but instead become a part of our community.

Within our gym facilities, we offer a wide variety of gym equipment.

  1. Free standing weights, perfect for functional training
  2. Pin loaded machines that are great for beginners and the regular gym member.
  3. A wide variety of cardio machines, along with our boxing and stretching stations.
  4. There is also a lot of floor space so you can stretch out and enjoy some down time also.

We also offer a kids room, so your kids will be happy to play while you get some much deserved time for yourself! The kids room has a variety of toys for your child to play with, along with a TV to keep them entertained. The room is easy to access with a lockable gate so you can still see and hear your children if they need you.

As you walk in further into the gym, our now updated chill out room has been designed for your needs. Whether that is waiting for your gym buddy to arrive, planning your workout, or even just to have 5 minutes to sit after a busy day.

The next room is the change rooms so you can come straight from work and slip into your sneakers. We also have lockers for you to keep your personal belongings in. There are plenty of mirrors in this room to apply make up if you are off to work or if you need a little freshen up before leaving.

Our new exciting addition to the gym is a shower! You no longer need to go home after your work out to shower you can go to work straight from the gym!

Another exciting addition to the gym is a healthy vending machine so you can grab a snack on the go when you need.

Here at In 2 Health we put your needs first and believe our community is a place for you to train, sweat and belong.


I have been a Health Coach for 5 years and the joy of seeing my clients reach their goals still gets me every time.

I offer health coaching programs that are tailored to each individual. No program is the same for two people because we are all different and we all need different types of coaching.

Health Coaching is a very personalised program. Not only do we discus nutrition and exercise but we focus on all the other things happening in your life. Organisation is a huge part of health coaching. I can teach you ways and techniques to be far more efficient and organised.

We will talk about your happiness, your job, family life, what needs improving and what can be added into your life so you can find more joy.

A lot of my clients shed many tears throughout the process. Clients usually come to me thinking they need help and guidance for very specific parts of their lives but more often than not we will spend the least amount of time on those topics because other topics prove to be far more pressing.

Health coaching is a ALL IN ONE program. If you are interested in health coaching, please contact me via the contact us page, I would love to hear from you.

You can live anywhere in Australia and still take part in my Health Coaching program.

I am proud to also offer Keto Programs (10 weeks or 5 week) for those clients who want to loose body fat and see results quickly.

This program is very strict but when the program is followed correctly it really is fool proof. I have seen such amazing results and the clients have never felt better than when they have been on the program.


We have a fantastic community that my business enjoys helping where we can:

  • I am proud to sponsor small & large sporting clubs & social clubs
  • I enjoy personally speaking to numerous local groups about natural health including Probus, Rotary, the local high school and even the local primary school on health and sustainability.
  • So far, I have hosted two movie nights to educate through documentaries followed by a healthy supper
  • Natural make up nights are one of my favourites to show the community how functional natural make up really is.
  • I was also honoured to be asked to speak to the local Men’s Farmer group about natural food and snack alternatives
  • Joining the committee for the local run, walk, ride rotary fundraisers was also a highlight.

It is important to me that I support the groups that support my business.

Without everyone supporting one another this would not be the caring loving community that it is.


We launched our new business name and model on the 8th of June 2020 and could not be happier with how the gym & health shop renovations turned out.
We know our gym members love the new fresh space and we are so happy to see them back after a very long 3 months of the gym being closed!

Our very own nut butter range launched in June 2020

I am so proud of the first range of my nut butters. I am passionate about HIGH quality AUSTRALIAN products & have been working towards my own branded products for some time now.

The nut butters are made by hand, one jar after the next. There are 6 different products in this range with more to come soon….

Current Range

  1. Almond Butter Smooth
  2. Almond Butter Crunchy
  3. Peanut Butter Smooth
  4. Peanut Butter Crunchy
  5. Hazelnut butter
  6. Honey


I love walking into the health shop because there is always a smiling face to greet me and never any judgement. I trust the brands that are in the health shop and always ask for help and advice if i need it. I always feel welcome and the customer service is fantastic!

Fleur Finlayson, Miles Grain Pty Ltd

To me the health shop is a safe haven as i have some allergies and i know i can walk into the health shop and there will be some products that i can choose from that will be perfect for me. I enjoy shopping locally and supporting the small guy!

Sam Wallis

I love that there is always something on special in the health shop and the taste testers are certainly a favourite. There are so many products i use on a regular basis that i purchase for myself and my husband.

Judy Wiese

I really enjoy going to this gym. It is always spotlessly clean with a variety of well maintained equipment suitable for all ages & levels of fitness. The extended opening hours make it very accessible & the well equipped kids room an added bonus for parents who want to work out. A true asset to our community!

Nicole Blackwell

When Kerrie asked me what i liked about the health shop i said – “everything” and when Kerrie asked me what could be improved in the health shop i said – “nothing”

Kirstie Croser

I joined the Gym in August 2019 and absolutely love it, Kerrie and her team always have a warm welcome and smile when you walk in, its so well run and organised. Due to Covid-19 I haven’t been to the gym for 3 months, until this week and I was blown away by all the improvements Kerrie has made, expanded the gym area, freshened everything up and I love all the new quotes scattered around , also the shower is a huge bonus! Everything is also spotlessly clean. Thank you Kerrie and team for all your hard work and dedication, I for one am very grateful xx

Annie Johnson, Enjo

I love the health shop because it has so many products i love in it! I trust the brands that Kerrie chooses and its a lovely atmosphere to shop in

laura Excell

I enjoy shopping here because the staff are always friendly and helpful. You can never have to many tractor snacks so the bulk bins are great to load up on. There are many items to help the body recover after sports or long physical days also.

Tim Steer